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Aston Villa Fixture List 2011 - 2012: Everyone Ready For August?

As I'm sure everyone is aware, the Barclays Premier League fixture list was released on Friday morning. For legal reasons, I can't reveal the entirety of the Aston Villa schedule, although I'm pretty sure if you're a smart enough supporter you'll figure out quickly who we play when.

The Premier League season kicks off on Saturday, August 13, with the Villa traveling to Craven Cottage to face Fulham (and me being happy I don't have a big commute -- it's bad enough to go to Stevenage for Exeter City). So we'll get to see Alex McLeish's hopefully-not-too-defensive club against whatever Martin Jol's version of Fulham throws up -- perhaps a side that tries to score sometimes?

Next Villa host Blackburn Rovers. Because we all know what fun playing Blackburn can be. Hey, when do we get to hear about the draws for the third round of the Carling Cup? Is everyone excited about playing Blackburn...again? The third week brings the first West Midlands derby for Villa when they host Wolverhampton.

I scrolled through the Villa fixture list, looking for when we play Birmingham City, and then realize HAHAHAHAHAHA. Except that joke isn't really quite so funny anymore. I really hope McLeish makes it hilarious again by creating a winning team. Or at least an un-boring team.

Here's to August, everyone! Now let's just get through the next two months. I hear alcohol helps.