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Want Another Manager Rumor? What About...Alex McLeish?

This is not a photo I ever wanted to have featured on 7500 to Holte
This is not a photo I ever wanted to have featured on 7500 to Holte

Up next in the latest round of "Who is going to take charge of Aston Villa?" managerial rumors is no other than Alex McLeish, who quit Birmingham City. I'll let that sink in for a bit. After being linked to Carlo Ancelotti, David Moyes, Owen Coyle, and Roberto Martinez, the Villa are now said to be chasing the former manager of our most hated rivals, the bluenosed scum, the ones that couldn't even manage to stay up.


I realize that, once again, many are going to disagree with me over my dislike over McLeish. He managed to get the Blues into the Premier League, after all. And they didn't go straight back down. That's something, right? 

Sigh. It's not working. There is nothing -- nothing -- about the freckled, pockmarked ginger that says he could be Villa's man for the foreseeable future, someone to build a club around rather than simply take us into seventh place next season. I think it's safe to say that most of us hated watching the Bluenoses this season, and not just because we're Villans and that's what we're meant to do. They played dirty. They hacked. They were overly defensive.

And let's think about McLeish's signings, at least for this season. Alexander Hleb on loan from Barcelona -- 20 starts in all competitions, rarely played a full game, scored two goals and basically looked as though he was dropped in from another planet. Oh, and expressed how much he missed being at Arsenal. And how about we talk about Nikola Zigic? He's nothing more than a damn tree, standing up there hoping a ball comes his way.

Sure, Birmingham had some decent defenders this season, but I think I speak for most of us in saying that we don't want a Villa that plays over-defensive, boring football. Nor one that doesn't have enough class to resign in person -- McLeish let the Blues know via email. Now let's all cross our fingers that he's off to Everton and David Moyes is on his way to Aston Villa, because at the very least, that's a Scot I could handle.