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Aston Villa Manager Search: It's Not Roberto Martinez

Stephen Gerrard thinks <em>you</em> could be our manager.
Stephen Gerrard thinks you could be our manager.

Well there goes the joy from Aaron and Kirsten's life. Roberto Martinez will not be Aston Villa's next manager, and for once we can say this with a degree of certainty. A press release on the official site states that Martinez has chosen to stay at Wigan without even having talked to Villa. I assume this means that Rafael Benitez jumps to the head of the line, but at this point I really have no idea. If you've noticed a lack of coverage of every rumor on this site, I think it's because we're all fed up. Everything that seems to come up, no matter how solid, goes right by the wayside. I spoke last week about the fact that Villa should take their time in choosing a new manager, but this is getting ridiculous. 

What's more interesting is that fan anger is mounting. Normally when I read about angry fans, I brush it off. Villa fans have shown a tendency to be a bit... over-reactive. But when I come onto our fine site, which I feel has a bunch of level-headed commenters and see anger, I know it's getting bad. The entire search seems as if it's being done in a very piecemeal manner, and it's getting absurd. Would anyone, at this point, be honestly surprised if we ended up with Gary McAllister or Kevin MacDonald running the club? 

The club is making me feel irritated and annoyed. I imagine it's doing the same for you. Come on, Villa, let's get a manger already.

And to make everyone feel better on a Friday, here's a video of baby red pandas in the snow. They're almost as adorable as Barry Bannan.