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Emile Heskey Is A Petulant Child And Other Assorted Truths

See...tiny ears.
See...tiny ears.

Did you watch Aston Villa play Wigan Athletic? If you didn't, good job, you bad fan. You missed a rather entertaining first half, at least, but one that was marred by an unusual incident: Emile Heskey throwing what was basically a temper tantrum on the pitch, getting angry after a foul went unpunished, charging down referee Mike Jones and then attempting to get back in his face a few minutes later. Turns out, Ivanhoe left Villa Park at halftime, proving that 33-year-olds are not necessarily grownups.

"It's not a great message for someone to leave the ground at half-time. I am not sure [why he reacted that way]. It's a physical game, the Premier League is a physical league."

Leaving aside those utter pearls of wisdom from Gary McAllister (the EPL is a physical league? Well no wonder you're a good manager!) you have to start wondering ... what on earth made Heskey snap that way? Well, let's see. He's on a club facing relegation, he's had four managers this season, he's been injured, and he's often the laughingstock of a nation. Plus he has very tiny ears. Seems like anyone with so much on his mind is one wrong trip from the dynamite exploding.

But at the same time, you have to wonder about a manager, albeit a caretaker one, that simply shrugs his shoulders when a player goes home at halftime. And then takes no disciplinary action against that player. If I were a Villan, I'm not sure I could be assed to play at all. Kind of makes you wonder -- how many players will actually stay at Aston Villa next season?