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Aston Villa vs Wigan Athletic: Lineups + Open Match Thread

Aston Villa versus Wigan Athletic
Location: Villa Park (Birmingham)
Date: Saturday, May 7th

Time: 3:00 BST/7:00 am PST/10:00 am EST

Records (W-D-L, +/-, Place):

Aston Villa, 10-11-14, -13, 13th
7-14-14, -23, 18th

We all love Aston Villa. I think that much is obvious. I mean, we're here, right? I personally dedicate a ridiculous amount of free time to following this team from every possible perspective, to trolling foreign language websites for players that might fill needs to writing thousand-word screeds in defense of one of the most unpopular managers in recent football history, to watching and re-watching fairly boring 1-1 draws in order to glean some sort of meaningful information.

Point is, I think my love for this club-our love for this club, because I feel like I can speak for all of us collectively when I express said love-is unquestionable. And so it is with that being said that I say this; I really don't much care about the result of this game. I will pull for the Villa and a win would be lovely, but I very much enjoy watching Wigan Athletic and I'd like them so stay up, so were they to take three points this morning I don't think I'd be at all disappointed. These are two fairly enjoyable teams to watch, and with Villa all but guaranteed safety I'm more than anything looking forward to an entertaining game of football. In all honesty, I just don't care; I do in the larger sense of course, I want what's best for this team and their future, but in terms of what's to be taken away from this game, well, it just doesn't matter to me. Really, the only thing that could annoy me would be a staid 0-0 or 1-1 draw. It's a nice thing, this not caring. I don't really want to get used to it, but for now I think I'll take it.

Go football!

Aston Villa Starters: Friedel, Walker, Dunne, Collins, L Young, Petrov, Reo-Coker, Downing, A Young, Heskey, Bent.

Subs: Marshall, Cuellar, Delph, Bradley, Pires, Albrighton, Delfouneso.

Wigan Starters: (Wigan does not have any players)

Subs: (Seriously, name eleven players that can take the pitch for Wigan without looking it up)

PS--Gabby is ill. How many "illnesses" have Villa been struck with right before a match?

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