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Time For Some Happy News: Carlos Cuellar Recovering Quickly

It's less than a week after the season ended and Aston Villa fans are already having a tough time of it. Robert Pires ran his mouth off about his time at Villa being a failure, trying to take the shine off the team's great finish and make the last few months about him instead. Even worse, Stewart Downing said he's not ready to sign a contract extension with the club -- although now that we've had a day to breathe, most of us thinks this makes sense, at least.

In fact, enough has happened over the last few days it's hard to remember that on Tuesday, we learned Carlos Cuellar had undergone knee surgery, and could miss the start of next season. But King Carlos is able to use his twitter feed, at least (thank goodness, we all missed that!) and let his followers know he's recovering nicely: 

Una semana despues d la operacion la rodilla esta recuperando muy rapido 1week after the surgery the feeling is so good ;-)less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply


The English and the Spanish don't really match up here -- Cuellar is saying that a week after the knee operation he's recovering quickly, but clearly the English is slightly different. And adorable.

If you read through other recent tweets by Carlos, in his replies he says that he'll be set for the start of the season. He also reiterates that he wants to remain at Villa and that he's very happy here, but that of course it doesn't depend solely on him.