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Robert Pires Reveals Himself To Be A Complete Twunt By Branding Aston Villa A Failure

Go ahead -- guess why I chose this photo
Go ahead -- guess why I chose this photo

Robert Pires, brought to Aston Villa by Gerard Houllier in November, has branded his time at the club a failure. Which is interesting, really, considering if you asked almost every Villa fan what they thought about Pires' short spell in claret and blue, they'd say exactly the same thing. It was a failure.

Or perhaps they'd be less subtle and brand him a twunt. There's really no other word for it at this time. The 37 year old midfielder made nine appearances in six months with Villa, including two starts. Apparently this was not a good enough retirement run-out, however, and Pires has now lashed out at the club, saying that they did not respect him.

I could rant about this for hours, days even. About why a 37 year old former great believes he deserves playing time. About how he looked off the pace almost every time he took to the pitch. About how the best we could typically say about the midfielder is that he didn't twunt everything up. I could probably spend 90 minutes alone on why Pires felt he deserved a chauffeured car from London to Birmingham.

But I'll wait Calm down a bit. And by this I mean allow someone wiser than me, someone who doesn't use the word "twunt" multiple times in a post, to actually consider his time at Villa. See if the club really did give Pires a lack of respect. And then I will continue to call him a twunt for deciding he deserved respect for doing nothing beyond sitting on a bench hitching his shorts too high, ensuring that younger midfielders did not get the chance to play.