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Carlos Cuellar Set To Miss Three Months With Injury: Explains The Lack Of King Carlos

Ouch, King Carlos. Get well soon.
Ouch, King Carlos. Get well soon.

Aston Villa fan favorite -- particularly of those supporters who are on Twitter -- Carlos Cuellar will be out for up to three months. The defender has undergone an operation to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee, finally putting right that pesky injury that he suffered early in the season. According to Tim Abraham of the Express and Star, Cuellar could have had the operation earlier, but with both Richard Dunne and James Collins injured, King Carlos was needed as defensive cover.

To be honest, I'm not really sure what to make of this story. The last time we saw Carlos Cuellar was in the 1-0 win over Newcastle, when he played the entire match. But what really sticks out in my mind is the 1-1 draw at Blackpool back in February, when Carlos had to come out in the 24th minute, and then was ruled out of contention for a month.But according to my own reports, that was a hamstring tear, while this is a knee problem. So Cuellar has, at pretty much the instance of the club, played injured throughout the season.

This isn't uncommon in professional sports, but man, this particular instance has got me riled up. Remember how we brought in midfield coverage in January, because the club thought that area was fragile and prone to injury? Remember how poor the Dunne - Collins pairing looked this season? And yet the club sacrificed the health of Cuellar. No reinforcements. No surgery. And now he's out for three months.

And yet he still wants to remain a Villan.