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How Birmingham City May Be Relegated: Last Weekend Possibilities for the Fall of the Scum

Off they go! Into the abyss!
Off they go! Into the abyss!

You might come to 7500 to Holte expecting to see a look ahead to Aston Villa's weekend tilt against Liverpool. And later in the week, you will certainly find one. However, this isn't such a piece. Aston Villa have assured themselves of safety from relegation, and this Sunday's match is nothing more than a formality. Certainly, the Claret and Blue have an outside shot at finishing in the top 10, and Liverpool may be looking for a chance to play in Europe next year. But really? It means nothing. Instead, this is about a few matches that are far more important. In my year of being a fan, I've learned two very important things:

  1. If there is one thing Villa fans are almost as good at as loving their team, it is hating Birmingham City.
  2. I hate Birmingham City.

With these two in mind, I'd like to present: "A Guide to Seeing the Blue-Nosed Scum of Birmingham City get Relegated and Return to their Rightful Position as the Second City's Second Team." You see, in a wonderful twist of fate, Villa are safe and the Scum are only above the drop due to goal differential. But with a few breaks, they Blue Noses could find themselves playing in the Championship next year. Join me after the jump as I try and figure out what could lead to this joy.

Currently Wigan Athletic, Blackpool, and Birmingham City are all tied at 39 points. City have to play a Tottenham team looking to secure a spot in Europe. And the game will be at White Hart Lane. Given how bad City have been this year, it seems safe to bet on a loss here. Wigan plays a Stoke team playing for nothing but pride, and Blackpool have to face Manchester United. That seems as if Blackpool will be crushed, but remember that the Red Devils have the title sewn up and they have a Champions League final next week. I wouldn't be surprised to see a coasting United play out a draw. So what needs to happens for Birmingham City to fall?

  • If either of Wigan or Blackpool win and the Scum draw or lose, the lesser Birmingham team will drop.
  • If either of Wigan or Blackpool draw and the Scum lose, the glory days will be upon us.
  • If all three teams lose, Birmingham will drop if they lose by either one goal more than Blackpool or two goals more than Wigan.
  • If City wins, then they can only fall if Wigan also wins by at least 2 goals more than City does OR if Blackpool beats Manchester United by 1 goal more than City beats Tottenham.

That about covers it, I think. If anyone sees any problems in my calculations (or other ways the Scum could drop), please let me know.

The moral of the story though is: this weekend may be the best of the year. Villa could go out on a high note, and crush Liverpool's European dreams. And even better, we could watch Birmingham drop off of the face of the Earth and into irrelevancy. What a great weekend it will be.