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190 KM To Holte...

I hadn't written this post yet because I kind of assumed people wouldn't be interested in a message about me getting to go off and live in Europe for three months. But so many of you asked on Twitter that I thought hey, why not -- especially since it involves our beloved Aston Villa.

Expect posting from me to be light around here, for at least a couple days, and sorry, but I won't be in the next two game threads. I'm off to London tomorrow night TONIGHT, and will arrive there on Friday evening. On Sunday, I was meant to go to the Arsenal match, thanks to the fine work of the always-lovely Liz Owen in procuring me a ticket, but instead I'll be living it up in a hospitality suite at Stamford Bridge, watching Chelsea host Newcastle. Which, truthfully, could be much less painful than being at the Emirates. Provided we manage to get the ticket snafu sorted, Gareth will be taking my ticket and enduring that match. Yeah, we're both in London on the same weekend, meaning that although we do live on the same continent, we will likely instead meet 190 km from the Holte End.

Then for the next weekend, it's a road trip to Birmingham, putting me exactly ZERO km from the Holte, as our tickets are in ...well, I don't remember if they're upper or lower Holte. Who cares! I get to be at Villa Park for the last match of the season! And we will almost certainly not be relegated! Celebrations abound!

As for things less pertinent to the Villa but that might affect my ability to post, I fly to Florence on May 29 (meaning I better be able to watch the Champions League final somewhere fun). I'll be there for a month before taking a quick jaunt to Naples (no matches, clearly, but paying pilgrimage at the San Paolo) and then heading back to London on July 1. I'll be there until August 16, so I'm hoping I'll find a way to go to the first Villa match of the season. During that time I get to go to Norway to see Exeter in preseason, while also taking in a cricket match (wonder if Matt is jealous?) and possibly some rugby. Always devoted to my obsession, however, I plan to take in at least one Villa preseason match.

Oh and amidst this all I'll be taking four law classes. I tend to forget that part. But I'll have internet and I'll do my best to keep up the posting (and the tweeting, if you like that sort of thing) and you might end up being subjected to way too many photos of my adventures. I'll try to keep it relevant, I promise.

Ciao, bellas! I'll post again as soon as I can, but for now you'll be safe in the hands of Aaron and Robert.