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Ben Foster Announces Break From International Duty To Focus On Birmingham City

Aston Villa may have had a ridiculously disappointing season, but at least we fans can find small comfort in one thing: The Villa remain above Birmingham City in the table. For now, anyway. Small Heath hosts Fulham on Sunday and travels to Tottenham the next weekend, meaning they could very well pick up points, particularly since Spurs have decided to never win again.

And while there's a degree of giddiness in knowing we remain (slightly) better than the Bluenoses, today's news offers something even more amusing: Ben Foster has chosen to take a "break" from playing for England so he can focus on his club career. Now, I don't think this sort of break is the type during which he can see other nations. I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean that he could, for instance, take up goalkeeping duties for Uruguay.

Not that la Celeste would want to entertain Foster's offer to keep goal. Fernando Muslera might be desperately spastic between the posts, but nothing comes close to the wonder of Ben in goal:


Personally, I think Foster has removed himself from consideration because he fears becoming a national punchline.

(We take the laughs where we can get them these days, Villans)