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Friday Feedback: What To Get Aston Villa Fan Prince William for the Royal Wedding

No Gabby, we cannot give William and Kate that.
No Gabby, we cannot give William and Kate that.

As you may or may not have heard, there's going to be a rather big to-do at Westminster Abbey next Friday morning. Prince William will be saving Kate Middleton from slumming it in her upper-middle class life and instead whisk her away to one of posh luxury, preferential treatment, and (most importantly) corgis. Look at 'em! They're so darn cute.

But the Royal Wedding is about more than just adorable dogs. As you surely know, if you read this site, the world revolves around Aston Villa. And we here at 7500 to Holte have resolved to make sure you get to read some fine Aston Villa-cum-Royals coverage. In case you didn't know, if just so happens that the heir to the heir to the throne is a big fan of the Claret and Blue. The couple were engaged in October, and the timing seems right for me to declare that William was definitely goaded onwards by the good feelings arising from Villa's 2-1 win at Wolverhampton on September 26. There's a bit of a lag there because he had to plan a safari and that takes time, as I'm sure we all know.

But, as is only appropriate when two people are wed, we must shower them with gifts. It is with that in mind that we bring you this week's Friday Feedback, the last to be published before the wedding. Hopefully we'll give you some ideas so you can complete your shopping. I hear the couple are registered at the Bank of England.

This week's question: What Aston Villa themed wedding gift (a win, Marc Albrighton, the head of a Bluenose on a platter, a gnome...) would you get for the soon-to-be-wed Villa fan Prince William?

Aaron: I'd imagine that the newlyweds will be whisked away in an opulent new automobile following the ceremony, and what better gift than a luxurious new Bentley State Limousine done up in claret and blue Aston Villa livery? Claret is a popular choice on its own, but perhaps some blue accents would set it apart? I picture and interior of claret leather with sky blue piping, the club crest stitched into the headrests. Cherry would be the wood of choice, and the generally preferred brushed aluminum would be replaced with gold accents. The bar that is often included in such vehicles would be fashioned to resemble an Aston Villa partisan pub in Birmingham, the television permanently tuned to AVTV.

I'm sure Kate would love it.

Gareth: This is not a gift, per se, but the thought of little Marc Albrighton as the ring-bearer at a wedding made me laugh. So I'm going with that.

Kirsten: Well, I was going to go with the Aston Villa teapot, because what royal couple doesn't need a teapot? Elegant, stylish, perfect for serving Posh and Becks when they drop by at teatime. But then I realized that for just $3 more, I could buy Wills and Kate a Gareth Barry canvas! That's right, just $8 will buy you a (not life sized) painting of the England international, a lovely addition to any castle entryway. With such a memento, Prince William can banish all doubt about just how much of a Villa fan he really is, because who else but a true fan would have Gareth Barry artwork hanging on the wall?

Robert: Well, since he's used to titles that sit around and do nothing, how about we name him a Villa Centre Back? I kid! I kid! More seriously, how about a win this weekend? With our poor Gérard in the hospital, it would be nice to put as much space between us and the drop as possible. If we win this weekend, I feel safe saying there is no way we drop. If we don't, every single match remains vitally important. And that's why I think this would be a great wedding gift. If we win, it's OK to miss a match, and I'd bet there's no way Kate lets him watch on their wedding weekend. It's the gift of peace-of-mind.