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Play Favorites: Who's Your Favorite Villan? Young Villan? Go Rock The Vote

It's time to vote for your favorite Aston Villa player of the year and your favorite young Villan ... which apparently the official Aston Villa site does not think are necessarily the same, which clearly means they've never read my writing. The best part is that the OS doesn't put any limitations on who can be player of the year. Stephen Ireland? Why not! Moustapha Salifou? Your player of the year can be chosen just because his name makes for a great chant. I'm only disappointed I can't vote for Steve Sidwell, simply because he made my year now that I don't have to look at his face.

For me, player of the year is obvious. But young player of the year? Putting aside my favoritism, that's a much tougher call. Our youngsters made a significant impact this season, even if most haven't managed to stay with the first team the entire time. At this point, we might just decide to choose one out of a hat, or possibly base it off how much we like their twitter feeds. Which means Mr. I'm 20!!! doesn't get my vote.

How'd you decide who to vote for?

PS-- in case you've forgotten, these awards went to James Milner and Nathan Delfouneso last season, while Richard Dunne was handed the players' choice award (or whatever it's called). I think it's safe to say that award won't be in the same hands this season)

PPS--Chris Herd changed his twitter photo. Off to vote for him for YPotY!