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Aston Villa Draw 2-2 With Everton: AVFC Twitter Reaction

Happy Villans.
Happy Villans.

I don't think we've had a story stream yet that features some happiness. It may be just a point, but the general consensus among Aston Villa fans is that the point against Everton was at least that -- a point. The penalty may not have been a penalty but hey, they also had a goal go over the line that wasn't counted. It's a point.

Thanks to:

@avfc_lee @dalebutler @SlakyFoot (who takes the award for most mentions)

@goofyvillan @alfiescott123 @roboto78 @kristianjack @garethsimpson

@itsjunit @rwhittall @prestonpetri @jim_AVFC @Adameffo

@H00513R @DanielStratford @JamieCutteridge @Villaa_12 @LinzeeMC

@VanCityVilla @ohitmustbe @scott_r @avfccentral

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