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Friday Feedback: Who is your least favorite Aston Villa player?

I don't think this @*#&$^ counts any more.
I don't think this @*#&$^ counts any more.

This week in Friday Feedback, we take a look at a question that would have been incredibly easy a couple of weeks ago. Then, if you'll remember, Aston Villa was the worst thing to ever happen to us. They were terrible and played with no energy and they were easy to dislike. If we had asked this week's question then, I would have had trouble moderating the flow of answers.

However, last week saw the team win in an uplifting fashion. It was fantastic and fun. And it's made this week's question a smidge more difficult. How can we hate on players that just got a win? Nevertheless, your noble writers have soldiered on in the never-ending quest to bring you the answers to life's pressing questions.

This week's question: Who is your least favorite Villan, and why?

Also below, you'll find a special guest answer. One sure to raise Aaron's hackles.

Aaron: Now that Steve Sidwell has gone away forever and Stephen Ireland is currently flashing his abs up Tyneside way there aren't really any Villans that I'd go so far as to say that I hate. Robert Pires annoys me a lot, but I honestly believe that the thought process behind bringing him into the club was solid and that he means well. Plus, the man is a legend and he really hasn't done much to mess anything up. I wish he wouldn't play as much as he does but that's not really his fault.

I complain about Kyle Walker a lot, but I think that's mainly frustration at seeing how good he can be and realizing he won't be around when that potential is maximized. I can't hate Richard Dunne because of how amazing he was last season. Stephen Warnock is easily hateable but he's hardly an Aston Villa player at this point. Stilyan Petrov bugs me a lot but he's probably underrated and he's adorable.

So I guess the take-away is that somehow a team that finished 6th last season could be chock-full of players I hate while a team currently languishing just above the drop-zone has zero. Gerard Houllier's summer mission is clear: bring Kyle Beckerman to Villa Park. We'll be knocking on the Champions League door in no time.

Gareth: Richard Dunne, Richard Dunne, a million times Richard Dunne. 

  1. He seems like a really dislikable person. Just look at him. 
  2. That whole "drunken fracas" thing was probably his fault. It was already rumoured that he didn't like Houllier, and if I'm honest I can't see James Collins actually starting anything like that. 
  3. He was one of Martin O'Neill's favourites, and anything that reminds me of Martin O'Neill can go to hell.
  4. This one's really important: he has been absolutely rubbish this season. He's fat, he's lazy, and he makes mistakes that either result in costly goals or force Brad Friedel to make really difficult saves. I've lost count of how many times he's lumped the ball aimlessly downfield or willfully conceded a corner just because he doesn't know how to play the ball on the ground. 
  5. I wish he went by "Dick Dunne," because I feel like that would be a fun name to say. I suppose this isn't really a reason to dislike him as much as a missed opportunity, but I'm mentioning it anyway.

Graham MacAree: Eric Lichaj: I don't like the way he looks like an uglier, meaner Stewart Downing. He scares me.

Kirsten: Besides the ones that got shipped off on loan?

I don't know...I know the tendency is to hate and blame Richard Dunne for everything right now, but I really rather feel sorry for the poor guy. MON leaves and suddenly his world's turned upside down. An entirely different system of football and he doesn't fit in, nor does he relate to the manager. Doesn't mean I don't want a different center-half next season, though.

The problem is that you asked this question after we played a great match. Now I have feelings of warm fuzzies for everyone. Except -- and don't go all crazy on me again -- Michael Bradley. First, he doesn't feel like a Villan (although Kyle Walker, oddly enough, does) and second, why the hell are Villa getting players on loan when they have a crowded midfield already? He's doing nothing except taking up space and adding extra kits to the laundry. Plus his visage disturbs me. Next time he should listen when I tell him to go to Turkey to further his career.

Robert: Despite having the best first name in the entire squad, I have to nominate Robert Pires. Dude gets his own driver, doesn't contribute that much on the field (last Sunday aside), seems to stir up trouble, and is generally an insufferable prick. On top of that, he strikes me a total d-bag. I don't see anything good he brings to the team that couldn't be done by somebody we already. I mean, heck, we could give Barry Bannan his own driver if we need to waste money. Kirsten might even do it for free and they just throw the money around!