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Hey Guys, Stop Being Mean To Kyle Walker

Geez, y'all. Kyle Walker is young. He's unexperienced. Just lay off him, will ya?

One bad performance and one just below average and people start questioning u typical!!! I'm 20!!!less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

Hate to break it to you Kyle, but you made a poor choice of careers if you can't handle criticism. You did play poorly against Everton -- you allowed an equalizer. Of course people are going to be upset and frustrated. And by having a Twitter, you open yourself up to more than what the coach says, what your teammates say, or what is written in the papers. Random people will feel it's perfectly within their right to tell you what they felt of your performance.

And here's the thing, Kyle. You're good enough to get an England look. But you're right, you are young. And inconsistent. You're great going forward, but this ain't Italy. You've actually got to defend. And it won't matter how good you are in front of net if the other team takes points because you weren't able to prevent a goal.

It might be unpleasant to hear, but that's life. That's a critique of your job. Now realize where you need to improve (it's not just a case of growing older), figure out how to make it better, and move on. That's what a professional does.

(On the other side of the twitter spectrum, Barry Bannan uses his messages to tell the world he's lying in bed and he'd like suggestions for what he should do. Yeah, cause that's not going to lead to trouble)