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Aston Villa Vs. Newcastle: Reaction To Villa Win (!)

Awwww, what a good ginger.
Awwww, what a good ginger.

Good evening, ladies and gents, and welcome to another edition of match recaps via Twitter reactions. When I started these posts, I thought it would be a fun way of bringing the Aston Villa community together, letting them see some of the witticisms of fellow fans while reading a quick, semi-coherent summary of the game. They're created by Villans and meant for Villans -- never meant to give the details of a match or show the overall picture. I think that's fairly obvious.

But in doing these, I've realized that it's easy to spot themes of these matches, the things that surprised the fans, the things that everyone could agree on: Stiliyan Petrov. Stuart Atwell. Not being able to breathe for five minutes straight. For further details, check out the stream beneath the jump. Click on the boxes to check out people's twitter feeds, and make sure you're following. While you're at it, make sure to follow our official account, 7500toHolte.

Beware...beneath lies foul language. You have been warned.