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Friday Feedback: Aston Villa, 7500 to Holte and You

This week's Friday Feedback is a little different than usual. 7500 to Holte was originally created by Aaron and Kirsten as a way to write about a club they were falling head over heels for. Almost a year ago, that little blog joined SBN and has grown to what you see before you today. Gareth and I have augmented the writing staff (PS--we're still looking to add more writers, although we'll haze you first --ks), but the real change has been the growth of our little community of Villans here. I can't speak for anyone else, but I know as far as I am concerned it's you guys who make this fun. I love getting feedback from you and hearing what you have to say. I love the fact that I know some personalities through game threads, and by extension twitter and what not. It's a treat and a pleasure to get to bear the Villa torch with the lot of you.

But part of making the community enjoyable is finding out what will encourage you to engage the most. So to that end, today's Friday Feedback is all about what you want from 7500 to Holte. Do you want more news? More features? More silly stuff? What things do we have that you like? What do we have that you don't like? Is it time to put the Vernal Villan conceit out to pasture?

I've put a poll here, but we'd really appreciate if you jumped into the comments and gave us a little more detail. I know we've definitely got people who read and don't comment, and that's fine. But, if only for just this once, pop on in and let us know what you'd like. We want to make this as fun for you as it is for us. Thanks, in advance, for taking a few minutes to make my favorite corner of the Internet even better!