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Aston Villa Lose To Bolton Wanderers: Twitter Reaction Focuses On Gerard Houllier

It's that time again -- another match report conducted with the use of Twitter. Aston Villa's 3-2 loss to Bolton Wanderers certainly provided for some interesting and, shall we say, angry tweets from Villa fans. There's been much discussion about Ashley Young (I left most of that off because it felt like same-old, same-old) and Gerard Houllier. Where do you stand? Was this the fault of Houllier? The young defense? The missed chances by the veterans? Let us know!

Did you make the cut? Find out below the jump. See a tweet you find particularly witty or erudite? Pass it along to the 7500toHolte twitter, and we'll try to get it up. As for having a Twitter tag to call attention to these tweets, if you have a suggestion, put that in the comments.

(Note -- there's foul language after the break. Guess what? It happens on Twitter at times. Especially when your team was ahead twice and fails to keep any points)

Aston Villa fans may not always be of the same opinion, but they're often witty and typically insightful. Here's the best of the bunch from Twitter today.

(Another note -- if your tweets are protected, I can't put them in Storify, meaning some beauties from the likes of @rickyshitpants and @Mtthwcwn aren't included)

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