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Aston Villa Lose Richard Dunne For A Month, Ireland Probably Upset He's Missing As Well

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It's confirmed: Richard Dunne will be out 3-4 weeks with a shoulder injury he picked up during the 3-0 loss to Manchester City in the FA Cup. See why Aston Villa don't like playing their fancy good players in a knockout tournament that they're not likely to win? The players get hurt. And now what? James Collins and Carlos Cuellar are still out. Add Dunne to that list and soon we're playing Emile Heskey in the back (which wouldn't be the worst idea ever, actually).

But really, what will our back line be against Bolton Wanderers? Kyle Walker, Ciaran Clark, Fabian Delph and...Habib Beye? Will he finally be vindicated for deciding to stay at Villa and fight for a spot? Or will Collins be hustled back into action because no one in their right mind could contemplate that defense and not have their head explode? Edit: Baker is unconcussed! Bring on a defense with the average age of 20!

Gerard Houllier emphasized, again and again, the fact that he was bringing in extra midfielders (or not letting them go out on loan) in case of another injurypocalpse. Considering he's moved Delph to left back -- which isn't the worst decision in the world -- it seems clear that GH concentrated on the wrong section of the field. Perhaps a few extra defenders next time, Houllier, rather than a midfield so crowded that the bench collapses every match.

You know who else is likely upset with this injury? Ireland. Not the player, although I'm sure that idiot has plenty to say as well, but the Republic. Their next Euro 2012 qualifier is March 26, against Macedonia, and Ireland are already missing Shay Given for that mach. They certainly won't be trying to recruit Stephen Ireland to fill in any gaps, however.