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Barry Bannan Twitter Account Is Official, Thanks To 7500 Investigative Reporting Skillz

Don't say we never did nothing for y'all over here at 7500 to Holte. Oh no, my friends. No. For we have solved the great Barry Bannan mystery. It might not be as important to Aston Villa fans as who-said-what-over-booze or discerning the meaning of Gerard Houllier's rules, but for peeps that want to know whether or not BBannan25 is giving a correct account of Scotland training or his time in Leeds, Kirsten's investigative snooping was absolutely essential.

It all started two days ago when Preston Petri decided to challenge the authenticity of the Bazza account, wondering why on earth Marc Albrighton and Kyle Walker weren't following him if it really was him. A fair point, I decided, and since the official AVFC account often tells us when a player account is fake, I asked them directly.

But rather than a quick replay from the officials, this came back:

@7500_Kirsten it is me 100 percent hw can I prove it ???less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®


Which, quite frankly, scared me, as I was now convinced that Bazza was going to hate me forever for doubting him. Calmly, though, I replied that he could send out a photo of himself holding the date, although others were smarter and requested that he hold up his twitter name, which is how the company made Mr. Ferdinand prove himself.

Then as I was driving up to Seattle yesterday, I got a text from Aaron showing this photo:

I confess, peoples, I squealed with joy (although I did not check the phone while driving. Nope. Mr. Campeau would kill me). Except now I'm torn. On one hand, yay, it's Baz on twitter. On the other, um, he pretty much hates me now for doubting that it was him. I guess I'll have to stick to Milan Lalkovic, although it makes me rather sad that a Chelsea player gives me more love than a Villan.

Also, Liz wins. An all-around disheartening day for me. Next time, someone else can take on the hard-nosed reporting role.