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Ashley Young Hints He Could Stay At Aston Villa. Or Possibly Just Throws In An Offhand Remark.

According to the Birmingham Mail, Ashley Young just might be sticking around at Aston Villa. As creators of the patented Ash-o-Meter, we know how difficult it can be to keep track of Ash's whims and desires. One week he's intent on leaving, the next he's loving the claret and blue. Today, it appears that one little remark has left reporters scrambling to create stories stating that Ash the Greater is going to stick around. The quote?

I wasn't aware of that statistic but I'm delighted to be the one to get the 500th home goal, he said. It's a massive milestone for the club - maybe I can go on and get the 1,000th in all Premier League games.

Well shiver me timbers, Ash is going to stick around at Aston Villa! I mean, the club has only scored 925 Premier League goals. Given that the Villa have scored something like ten goals all season, it's impossible that Young believes he could score 75 in the remaining eight matches.

So bring out the Ash-o-meter, guys and gals, and get ready to celebrate, because Ash will continue to captain Aston Villa!