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Marc Albrighton and Kyle Walker to co-commentate FA Youth Cup semi-final

Marc Albrighton works on his <a href="" target="new">Andrés Cantor</a> impression.
Marc Albrighton works on his Andrés Cantor impression.

Kirsten shot me this story, and I thought it was too good to not pass on. Marc Albrighton and Kyle Walker will join Villa über-fan Jack Woodward in the commentators booth as Aston Villa take on Sheffield United in the first leg of the FA Youth Cup semi-finals. You'll need AVTV to get it, but I'd say the purchase is totally worth it. Just grab the 2-week trial or whatever the cheapest tier is.

If you haven't heard Jack Woodward call a Villa game, it's a delight. He makes no attempt to hide the fact that he is a Villan through and through, and he gleefully reads emails sent to him on-air. I've got a soft-spot for him since he read mine during a non-televised game on my birthday. And as if he isn't enough reason to listen, we get the adorableness of Elf-boy and loan-boy. Walker apparently grew up a Blades fan, which leads us to this fantastic line from Woodward:

Kyle, of course, has been brilliant for Villa but is a Sheffield United fan, having growing up as a Blades supporter from a young age.

I'm sure he will be cheering for Villa on the night but if he does get overexcited about the attacks of our opponents, Marc will be on hand to put him straight.

The image of Marc laying the smackdown on Walker for cheering for the wrong side is too wonderful. The match is slated to kick off at 7 PM Birmingham time, which is 3 PM Eastern and noon Pacific. AVTV can be found here.