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Barry Bannan Joins Twitter -- Will He Be As Accomodating As Milan Lalkovic?

Aston Villa may not be playing this weekend, but Andreas Weimann has informed us all of some excellent news -- Barry Bannan has Twitter now!

@BBannan25 ...barry bannan now on twitter !! follow him peopleless than a minute ago via web

That's right, he might be stuck at Leeds United, but Baz is going to keep all Villans up to date on his situation, with in-depth commentary such as this:

Chiilin in hotel in leeds bored

Indeed. Of course, this news has immediately prompted a fun contest between @Lizzlsperger92 and I to see who can get Bazza to respond first. The real question is, though, will PIMP Barry Bannan ever beat PIMP Milan Lalkovic for the title of "Most Accommodating Player In My Pocket"?  After all, this is what Milan sent my way on Thursday:


Who knew that putting players in my pocket would pay off so handsomely? This is a challenge to you, Bazza: be better than Lalkie. Give me some love. Help me beat Liz. This is my new life goal, after all.