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Aston Villa Players Go Drinking, End Up Arguing: Certain Sign Of Meltdown At The Club

News is only what you make it out to be, and for Stuart James, news of two Villa players having a "frank exchange of views," is worthy of a write up. This is what happens when there are no Aston Villa games to be found, and quite honestly, this is the best reason I can think of for not letting clubs have a weekend off.

Briefly, here's what happened:Gérard Houllier decided the lads needed a few days away, so he booked them in at a luxury spa for a spot of team bonding. What happens when lads go away together? They drink. Now, I don't know what happens when any of you drink, but when I drink, I tend to get loud. I argue. I have "frank exchanges of views." (Sometimes they involve a player named Frank, but I'm doubting these anonymous players were arguing the virtues of Lampard). So why is it national news that two Villans got into a fight?

Mostly, it seems, this is "newsworthy" because Stuart James tells us it is. He also tells us that Aston Villa are launching an internal investigation, so it must be serious. Which is the logical conclusion, of course. Two unnamed players got into an argument, the club wants to know more, so it must mean that everything at the club is disintegrating.

Or it could have just been that Habib Beye and Moustapha Salifou were having an argument over who would see the playing field first.

So Villans, what do you think happened on this bonding adventure? Vote below: