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International Friendlies Open Thread: Aston Villa In England, Scotland, and...Bulgaria

It's international friendly day! If you're me, that means you're all excited over Luxembourg vs Slovakia and busy watching the twitter stream of @vladiw7 to see if he tweets more photos of Slovakia players learning Monopoly. But if you're somewhat more normal, you're probably paying attention to matches involving Aston Villa players, which today is Denmark v England (Ashley Young, Stewart Downing, Darren Bent and Kyle Walker), Scotland v Northern Ireland (Barry Bannan) and Bulgaria v Estonia (Stiliayn Petrov. I'm assuming).

Bulgaria, should you want to watch, can be found on the internets at 1900 GMT. Scotland is on ESPN3 at 19:45. The biggie, however, is the England match, on at 19:15 and watchable on ESPN3. You can also watch Netherlands v Austria, Germany v Italy, France v Brazil and/or Spain v Columbia. Or if you're me, you can hunt down Argentina v Portugal.

Whatcha watching today, Villa fans? Wanna talk about it? I hope so, as I have class until 11:55 (or 19:55, should you so choose) and won't be able to watch for a bit. Sadness.