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Aston Villa Defender Eric Lichaj Set To Go To Leeds On Loan

Eric Lichaj heads off to Leeds on a one month loan (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)
Eric Lichaj heads off to Leeds on a one month loan (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Update: Timothy Abraham tells us AVFC aren't saying anything official about Lichaj until tomorrow. So this could fall through? Hope not.

Update the Second: Now that Leeds starting talking, AVFC confirmed it: Lichaj to Leeds on loan. Well done to @TimothyAbraham for tweet-reporting in a way that kept Villa fans informed.

According to the always-redundant, Aston Villa defender Eric Lichaj is set to join Leeds United on loan. The American international has fans of the U.S. Men's National Team quite excited about his defensive work, but after the 4-0 loss to Manchester City, Gerard Houllier isn't quite as thrilled with his performances. It's not really fair, considering the number of experienced defenders that have been left shaken by the City attack, but with Kyle Walker being brought in from Tottenham Hotspur and Carlos Cuellar as effective cover for right back, there's really not much of a place for Lichaj.

And so, like last season, when he had loan spells with Lincoln City and Leyton Orient, Lichaj heads off to play lower-level football. But this time it's with Championship side Leeds, a club hell-bent on securing promotion to the Premier League. Should Lichaj prove himself adept at helping a side secure promotion, he might find himself a permanent member of the starting XI next season. After all, it worked for Barry Bannan...right?

In seriousness, though, the 7500 team has been on the "send Lichaj on loan" bandwagon for a couple months now. It's better for his development to have him playing regular matches, and USMNT supporters will likely appreciate the young defender's chance to improve.