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Mixed Bag For Aston Villa Fans: Luke Young Injuries Pile Up, Stewart Downing Not Hurt

Really, we're ok as long is it's only Young the Lesser that gets hurt.
Really, we're ok as long is it's only Young the Lesser that gets hurt.

Luke Young hasn't seen time in an Aston Villa kit since the Liverpool match at the beginning of the season. Considering how woeful that loss to the Reds was, it was easy to assume that maybe Young the Lesser's injuries had been slightly exaggerated, and Villa were allowing him to save face but still keep him away from the squad for a bit.

Turns out, though, that Young is having a bit of a freakish problem. His original injury was to his hip, but he's also picked up ankle and thigh injuries that have kept him out of the game. According to Gerard Houllier, the defender will play in training and feel fine, but the next day he's in pain again. Now he's been shipped off to a specialist in London to see what might be the matter.

There are quite a few Villa supporters who love Luke Young, but I'm doubtful that any of his defenders have watched him play much this season. In an already-wobbly back line, Young had been one of the weakest links. Many of the errors made by Richard Dunne and James Collins were caused by Young and Stephen Warnock being out of position, leaving the center backs to cover. The only reason his injuries are anything to fuss over is due to the absurdly high wages he's paid. In fact, L Young is not even included on our list of the ideal back line. (Go vote!)

But good news for anyone worried about Stewart Downing having to leave the Manchester United match on Tuesday. Turned out Stewie just picked up a kick to the shin -- so many possible culprits, so little time to point the finger -- and should be available for the match against Fulham.