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Birmingham City Beat Arsenal To Claim Carling Cup: Aston Villa Reaction

You guys think I'm really going to write an analysis about how Obafemi Martins gave Birmingham City a winner in the Carling Cup final? You think we're going to dwell on how the Bluenoses are going to Europe (probably)? Absolutely not. Instead, you lot are going to show just how painful it was to be an Aston Villa fan (or a sympathizer) during Arsenal's loss.

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Warning: Language below the jump may be unsuitable for children under 13

(This was mostly just a practice with Storify to try to clean up the process before Aston Villa's FA Cup tie with Manchester City midweek. See a tweet you find particularly witty or erudite? Pass it along to the 7500toHolte twitter, and we'll try to get it up. Let's hope that the next set of tweets is slightly more uplifting. UTV!)