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Aston Villa Beat Blackburn Rovers 4-1, Match Report Told Through Tweets

Trying something new, guys: the reaction to a Villa match, good or bad, as told through tweets. This one was a bit difficult as I needed to do five updates inside 40 minutes for the main site, but I'd like this project to be more interactive. If you see a great tweet during the match, favorite it and let me know. If you think your tweet was particularly clever, tell the 7500toHolte twitter. It may not bring you fame and fortune, but it might at least be amusing. Featured below the jump:

@Yallop23          @Sprawlsy          @JoJoDonovan

@AVFCOfficial           @ohitmustbe           @bredred

@nhewis            @VanCityVilla          @Scott_r_

@TimothyAbraham           @MRiemen