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Kickette Puts Aston Villa Players, Including Marc Albrighton, On Their Stalking To-Do List

Any site that regularly features a "Player in My Pocket" and spends time creating its list of "Starting XI: Man Crush Edition" is certainly not shy about admitting they read Kickette. Of course, the Kickettes are typically about anyone that plays for the Spanish national team or a London/Manchester/Steven Gerrard club, but today must have been light on the exposed abs front, because Aston Villa turned up on the front page. First I get snow, and then I get Villans!

Unfortunately, they are all totally clothed. Sigh.

Now, many would agree that the Villa aren't exactly known for their fine specimens of man-candy. In fact, this has been discussed over many a dinner in my house. I might carry a torch for Barry Bannan, but there's no way most logical people are going to be drooling over a 5-foot-5 Scot who often forgets how to look at a camera. Ashley Young is pretty adorable, but after the whole internet sex chats web cam thing, not many want to admit it (although Frank Lampard still gets a free pass. Huh). Marc Albrighton gets many ladies, and possibly a few gents, all a-flutter, but it only takes  a few seconds to determine that the lad has a bit of nose going on.

Yet somehow, Kickette included Albrighton in a post that includes the word "man-meat." Anyone else made uncomfortable by this? Darren Bent, surely. Anyone who has the guts to date an ex-manager's daughter can likely be called meat. Jean Makoun? That's a bit more dubious. The guy's holding up an unidentified stuffed animal, for goodness sake. His watch is fabulous, though, and he might want to consider giving Elf-boy a few fashion tips.

What say you, Villans? If you were going to put Villa players front and central on Kickette, which ones would you choose?