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FA Cup Sixth Round Draw: It's Everton Or Reading Should Aston Villa Get Past Manchester City

Manchester City thoroughly stomped all over Notts County in their fourth round replay, winning 5-0 at Eastlands, despite the score being at 1-0 through the 58th minute. City showed no mercy against the League One side, fielding a near full-strength lineup (James Milner didn't even see the bench) and bringing on Carlos Tevez in the 60th.

Something tells me that Aston Villa won't be seeing a weak City side. Eight points behind Manchester United in the title race, the blue side of Manchester wants a trophy, and if they need to steamroll the opposition to get the FA Cup, they'll do it. And so the Villa will face Blackburn next week, City midweek and then Bolton. City host Fulham at home, Villa, and then Wigan. Ooh, scary.

Should Villa manage to actually beat Manchester City once again, proving that 1-0 win wasn't simply a fluke, they're set to face either Everton or Reading in the sixth round of the FA Cup. Again, the world would love for us to experience even more déjà vu, wanting us to play Reading once again. Which I'd take in exchange for making it through.

On the other side of Manchester, United will host either Arsenal or Leyton Orient, depending on the winner of the replay, with today's match finishing 1-1. Somehow Birmingham City managed a favorable draw yet again, facing Bolton Wanderers after they beat Fulham 1-0. At least they didn't get the Burnley / West Ham draw, one of which will face Stoke City -- we find out who on Monday.

What a lovely non-Villa weekend.