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Happy Birthday, Nathan Delfouneso! The Aston Villa Striker Turns...20

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Sorry, Nathan Delfouneso, but you're still not eligible for 7500 to Holte's "Free Alcohol to Aston Villa players" program. Being a state-side blog, we have to abide by the laws and all that, and you, my 20-year-old friend, just don't cut it. How about a nice flute of sparkling apple cider to celebrate the big day?

Our little Fonz is likely not having the best month. While he's spent much of the season appearing regularly off the bench, and managed a great goal in his start against Blackpool, now that Darren Bent's around he has to fight Emile Heskey for those precious substitute minutes. But never fear, Nathan, you're only twenty. At twenty most of us were drudging through retail work with smiles plastered on our faces, wondering if this was how life was going to be for the rest of our born years. At least you're able to put on the Villa kit and run around most days.

So chin up, Fonz. The talent's there. We've seen it growing ever more apparent over the last couple months. Those minutes will come. And next year -- drinks are on us.