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Aston Villa: Old Man Yells at Cloud; McLeish Can't Hear You

LONDON ENGLAND - JANUARY 11:  Alex McLeish says, "I'm THIS delusional."
LONDON ENGLAND - JANUARY 11: Alex McLeish says, "I'm THIS delusional."

Alex McLeish is apparently not done blaming everyone and everything for the shortcomings of the club this season. Now, he's hit out at social media and apparently telephones as reasons that his team hasn't been very effective. He feels that the knee-jerk reactions that have been popping up on social media sites like Twitter and blogs such as this one are detrimental to a club's focus. Then he goes on to mention that Andre Villas-Boas' tactical post-game rant about Chelsea's persecution problem is more about creating an 'Us versus Them' mentality than anything else, which is exactly what McLeish is doing here.

It appears, worryingly, that McLeish is creating a culture of finger-pointing at Aston Villa which was beautifully pointed out by our own Gareth Simpson just a few days ago. 7500 to Holte is just another blog that McLeish has decided to ignore so naturally he didn't read Gareth's post. There is plenty of delicious irony in Alex McLeish lashing out at today's "blame culture" while being one of its biggest proponents.

McLeish has spent the last week hitting out at his critics first by claiming he's no quitter, when in fact he is actually an seasoned veteran when it comes to giving up on a team. Now he's letting everyone know that they have to keep the blinders on because it's not going to do them any good if they keep getting told how terrible they are all the time. I'm so utterly confused as what exactly he's trying to accomplish here but to me these are the words of a man who's seeing his job security rapidly wane before his eyes.

Also, predictably, he mentions that if Villa are to strengthen their squad they're going to have to sell some players first. So who's heading out? Feel free to discuss that and more below.