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Have A Very Villa Christmas!!!

A merry Christmas from Aston Villa (via the Official Site)

Ok, let's discuss this video. First of all, Alex McLeish must be slightly delusional. The continued support of Villa fans? Second, did the club think we'd forget last year's Christmas wishes, with Gabby breaking down into gales of laughter and King Carlos speaking Spanish? Did they make Brad Guzan introduce himself because they think we have no clue who he is? And why does that guy keep singing every year? Finally, what does Eric Lichaj have against that penguin?

Anyway, have a lovely holiday, wherever you are, however you choose to celebrate it. We at 7500 to Holte love you all to pieces -- we are so glad that you stop by this place, read our words, and both celebrate and wallow with us. Here's to stockings filled with claret and blue goodies and oodles of goals scored against Stoke on Boxing Day!


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