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Marc Albrighton Scores 20,000th Premier League Goal

We love you, you love us, it all works so well.
We love you, you love us, it all works so well.

It's just a number, really, a silly milestone in a young league. But to Marc Albrighton, who has such passion for football, and such devotion to Aston Villa, I'm sure that scoring the 20,000 goal in the Premier League actually holds some meaning. In addition to getting his name in the record books, Albrighton gets £20,000 to donate to charity -- one that I would presume is of his choosing. Even more importantly, Elf scored in front of the Holte End, putting in an equalizer against Arsenal. What a day for the recently shunned winger.

When researching that charity thing, I discovered this:

To mark the occasion, Barclays are giving fans the opportunity to guess the identity of the player by logging on to, with great prizes on offer for those who are correct.

Do you think anyone guessed Marc Albrighton? Barclay's won't be paying much in the way of prizes, I suspect.

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