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Holtecast VIII: The One With a Guest

We're back for another week of podcasting! And this week, the crew are joined by a guest: Ted Harwood, the esteemed author of SBN's Arsenal blog The Short Fuse. If you haven't been reading The Short Fuse, you really ought to be. It's one of the best soccer blogs on the web; consistently thorough, funny, and insightful. Ted helps give us some insight into what Villa might expect from the Gunners in a few hours.

Please excuse us a bit, as recording problems mean that the end is abrupt and sudden. Add that to the fact that I am not with my laptop and have no real editing software and you get a pod without intro music as well. That said, everything you'll hear is up to the usual standards, so hopefully it will still be enjoyable.

You can either stream or download the podcast below, (just kidding! The house I am at has an Internet connection that makes 3G speeds look blazing. So just grab it from PodOmatic!) or you can check out our page on PodOmaticic and subscribe to the podcast there. We're working on the iTunes thing, we promise, but until then you can throw the PodOmatic feed into iTunes and that should work just as well.