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Aston Villa Transfer Rumour: Keith Andrews (Who?)

According to the rumours page of the Express and Star, Aston Villa are seeking the signature of midfielder Keith Andrews. Yes, I'll wait while you Wikipedia him. It would probably help, in your Google searches, to know that he's a Blackburn player currently on loan at Ipswich Town.

Now, we've got nothing against going after players currently on loan to Championship sides. The problem with this one is that he's a thirty-one year old who couldn't cut it with Blackburn Rovers. Just let that sink in. An aging midfielder who couldn't cut it in the relegation zone. But hey, he's Irish.

This is, apparently, what we have to look forward to in the January transfer window. No exciting, young, fresh players from a country that is not accessible by ferry. No one who hasn't played in England -- it's better to have played in League Two (MK Dons) than to come from another league. But hey, we're chasing Kris Boyd as well!

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