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Martin O'Neill To Join Sunderland, According To BBC

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Martin O'Neill has agreed to join Sunderland football club as manager, @BBC5Live understands. Details soon:
Dec 02 via BBC NewsFavoriteRetweetReply

Now, it could still all fall through, but it seems like our favorite former Aston Villa manager is on his way to Sunderland. Not that this is a huge surprise to anyone, I would think.

I know us Villa fans are having hard enough times with our manager at this minute, but let's not look at the MON era with too rose-colored of glasses. The club is still trying to offload some of O'Neill's ridiculous pickups. His players can't play under any system than the long-ball punt. If Sunderland give their -- assumed -- new manager a blank check, they can expect to still be picking up the pieces when he leaves in a huff.

Your thoughts?