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Darren Bent: Shopping During The Villa - Liverpool Match?

Rumors are afoot that Darren Bent was out shopping during Aston Villa's loss to Liverpool this afternoon. Granted, I'd rather have been shopping, even amongst the throngs of Christmas crazies, than watching that dismal performance by the Villa. But I did it. I woke up, and I fired up the stream, and I stuck through it to that very last whistle. Maybe someone wants to pay me £90K per week for watching my team?

Rumors are rumors, of course. But the fact remains that Bent was not in the stands at Villa Park today. Gabby Agbonlahor, suspended from the day's action, was seen looking utterly disgruntled at the Villa performance. Last week, Shay Given made a stylish appearance at the Reebok, accessorized beautifully with little Shayne.

Bent's a mercenary, that much is clear. Yet he's on the payroll. And as long as he continues to collect money from the club, he should be expected to sit and experience the pain and suffering that the rest of us must tolerate. Perhaps instead of fining Bent, which seems to be the McLeish way, he should be punished by being forced to watch that match. And then a repeat of his highlights of the season, including his repeated offside calls and missed sitters.

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