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Now No Yannick Djalo

Despite Sky Sports' wonderful reporting -- using Yannick Djalo's facebook page as their source -- that the Portuguese international was headed permanently to Aston Villa, the forward was set to come to Birmingham as a trialist. Alas, this seems to have fallen through. Or so says Brendan McLoughlin, who, even though he's not yet been upgraded to "friend of the blog" status, seems to know what's up.

Clearly this is because the Villa are chasing David Villa, now that he's broken and available at a discount. Or maybe it's just because the club has realized that forwards aren't the issue, and maybe they should find some decent players to provide service. Or perhaps Djalo had a chat with Alex McLeish and that turned him off England for life. Who can say?

Now, back to your regularly scheduled Bobby Zamora rumors. God forbid we get another player whose name is unpronounceable. Look how well that's turned out.