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Bobby Zamora Is Happy At Fulham. Or...Something.

Why can't we have more interesting transfer rumors?
Why can't we have more interesting transfer rumors?

Bobby Zamora is staying right where he is, happy and content at Fulham. Apparently, the media, way back in August, started some sort of slanderous campaign against Martin Jol, regarding a "bust up" with Bobby, but worry not, apparently everything's cool now. Jol asked Zamora if he loves Fulham, Zamora said yeah, and now Bobby and Martin are off carving intertwining hearts into tree trunks in Bishops Park.

Forgive my skepticism, but what footballer admits to not liking his club while he's actually there? I'm not so sure Jol should be out getting a BZ25 tattoo, you know? But that doesn't change what's most important: Aston Villa do not need Zamora.

Nope, do not need, do not want. More than anything, I hope this is simply the media linking Villa with any old English player. Sorry, but we already have at least one English international that doesn't fit very well into our system (although Darren Bent might be re-examining his starved-for-service argument after last weekend) -- why on earth would we splash out what would undoubtedly be way too much money for Zamora in January?

The scary thing is that, given Zamora's similarity to Emile Heskey, I can see Alex McLeish targeting him during the transfer window -- further cementing the belief that the manager really has no idea how to make the best use of this club's meager resources. Nor its stash of talent, come to think of it.

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