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A Flurry Of Fun: Villa - Norwich Told Through Your Tweets

He's fast as...
He's fast as...

It's been well over an hour since Aston Villa - Norwich ended, but I'm still flying high -- how about you guys? Looking back at our tweets, we weren't in the bestest of moods when the match started. It certainly didn't help when Anthony Pilkington gave the Canaries the lead with a stunning free kick.

But then things got fun. A brace from Darren Bent and a goal from Gabby Agbonlahor. More than that, Villa kept up the attack! And Gabby was absolutely brilliant. Don Capello, are you watching? Replace Stewart Downing with this man.

Jump the jump for the story of the match, as told by you lot. Not much cursing, for once, but still best to avoid if that sort of thing offends you.

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