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Norwich Predictions: Can Villa Grab Three at Home?

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In our discussions of what more to bring you here on the site, we realized that we were missing out on pre-match predictions. So in the spirit of ameliorating that, we've got our first set of predictions for you. Sure, Villa are at home against a newly promoted side, but they've been far from their best form lately. You'll see what we think, but make sure to put your guess in the comments below.

Aaron: I am too exhausted and just flat braindead to comment directly, but I do enjoy the fact that Norwich is owned by a lady.

Andrew: Norwich has been decent in their return to the Premier League and they've only lost one of their last six matches. We, however, know that number can be misleading because of Aston Villa's somehow uninspiring unbeaten run to start the season. The results are one thing but how they arrived at each result is probably more important at this stage of the season. The familiar refrain of dropping the most points from winning positions is back for Villa and if I had to guess, Villa is going to take a 1-0 lead late into the match only to concede on a set piece and settle for a 1-1 draw. I should put money on this.

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Gareth: I'm going to differ with Andrew on this one. Norwich's position is considerably less cushioned by matches against poor teams than Villa's. They've had to play Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool away so far and they're still a point ahead of us. Additionally, they've demonstrated that they're resilient and well-organized, which is a lot more than I can say about us. Norwich takes this one 2-0 at Villa Park, and the McLeish Out movement gets a giant kick up the backside.

Kirsten: I think Emile Heskey in his role as a defensive midfielder will ensure that Norwich scores no goals, but once we have one goal we're done, so 1-0, with Gabby the scorer.

Robert: A 1-1 draw that is interminably boring. Darren Bent nets one for Villa, and I wouldn't be shocked to see us lose the full three points on an own goal. My scoring guesses are likely wrong, but I feel safe with the 1-1 line.