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Barry Bannan Will Face Further Punishment From Aston Villa

You thought this was going to be about the Thanksgiving day rift between Barry Bannan and Eric Lichaj, didn't you? Alas, it's not -- the wee Baz is now facing further punishment from Aston Villa for his drink-driving incident, which occurred a few weeks back.

McLeish: " He was suspended and he will now be disciplined in line with the club’s own disciplinary procedure, which will remain internal"
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Not being part of the inner workings of the club for some crazy reason, I cannot determine what on earth those disciplines will be. Sitting on the bench? He's doing that. Watching Emile Heskey play? Done. Left out of Thanksgiving dinner celebrations? Already happened.

I understand that drink-driving is serious. It's idiotic, in fact. But Bannan has already been suspended, he's received his legal punishment, and he's apologized profusely. Now stop punishing the fans by taking away one of the few players in this side that is actually enjoyable to watch.