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A Tragic Thanksgiving Tale: Turkey, Twitter, and A Bannan-Lichaj Rift

For those of you who don't spend every moment of your waking days twitter-stalking certain Aston Villa players on Twitter, I feel it's our responsibility to bring you up to speed. On Thursday, Eric Lichaj made a regrettable error -- and Barry Bannan will make him pay.

It all started when Lichaj, who has moved up to second place in the American Villans chain of command, started tweeting about the amazing Thanksgiving dinner he was making. About four hours later, Andi Weimman tweeted that he was on his way to Lichaj's place, and that he sure hoped Eric could cook. Approximately two minutes later, a tweet from Baz popped up, asking Lichaj where his invitation was.

Um...awkward. That's like when you're talking to your best friend about going out for drinks after work and your annoying colleague comes around the corner and says, "Hey, I thought you said you were going to go home and wash your hair when I asked you if you wanted to hit up happy hour tonight."

Lichaj, employing that knee-jerk reaction so many of us get when forced to admit we left someone out, immediately tweeted Bannan to say he was of course invited. The wee Scot came back with a rather chilling threat -- being left out was ok, but he would remember this.

Pretty sure Lichaj won't be sleeping tonight. Or possibly ever again.

(Also, I hope these guys never realize the wonder of text message communication, because my days would be much less fun).