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Podcast: The Well of Aston Villa Despair

50% of the reason why this is such a downer.
50% of the reason why this is such a downer.

It's episode 5 of the 7500 to Holte Podcast! And thus ends the exclamation points for this post. I'll be honest, from what I've heard, and what the crew have told me on twitter/email, this is a depressing one. But realistically, what can you expect? Villa put out their worst 90 minutes of the season this week, and things don't look very uphill from here.

Of note in today's podcast, due to technical difficulties things begin a bit in medias res, so don't be shocked if it feels like you're dropping into the middle of a conversation after the theme jingle.

I was unable to make this week's episode, but you're in the good hands of Kirsten, Andrew, and your host Gareth. The good news is that, while things are dour for Villa, the commentary and insight in here are top-notch. Plus they talk a bit about our youth. So there is some upside!

As usual, right click to save the file, or just straight click if you don't mind streaming and listening in your browser. We look forward to hearing what you think!

7500 to Holte Podcast - Ep. 5