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UEFA Champions League 2011, Matchday 5 Open Thread

Technically this is late, as CSKA Moscow and Lille have already kicked off, but since they appear to be contesting the worst game in the history of football I do not feel especially bad about it. In addition to CSKA Moscow vs. Lille, today we have Manchester United vs. Benefica; Napoli vs. Manchester City; Real Madrid vs. Dinamo Zagreb; Bayern Munich vs.Villarreal; Lyon vs. Ajax; Trabsonspor vs. Inter Milan and Otelul Gulati vs. FC Basel.

Napoli-City is the cream of the crop once again, and the home side is really going to have to go after three points today if they want to advance to the knockout stages. Lille is well on their way to beating CSKA Moscow (ahead 2-0 past the hour mark) so if Trabzonspor wants to advance they'd be well served to pick up a point at least against an uncharacteristically bad Inter. FC Basel will be pulling hard for a Manchester United win as it's the only way they'll have a chance of sneaking past Benefica (and that's assuming they can take all three points against Otelul Gulati.) Real Madrid is through, but there is still a bit left to be decided in their group and Lyon-Ajax is a huge game there with the Amsterdam side hoping to clinch qualification and Lyon hoping to pull even in second place. Villarreal is looking for their first point, and they're probably going to have to keep looking.

All games kick off at 19:45 GMT/2:45 PM Eastern/11:45 AM Pacific. Go nuts!