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Habib To Doncaster: Beye, Beye, Beye

Will wonders never cease? Habib Beye, the scourge of Aston Villa, the player that does nothing save drive Andy Marshall around in his Ferrari*, has left the club! Well, ok, he's joined Doncaster for a month on loan, but hey, baby steps.

I wonder, really, what it would take for Beye to go away permanently. The reason that he's still around -- despite just seven Premier League appearances -- is that his wages are so high that no other club wants him. You'd think he'd get annoyed and just accept a wage cut, but why not spend your days earning big money, driving fast cars, and not actually doing any work? Perhaps Martin O'Neill would've signed me...

Beye remains a symbol of the excess of the MON years. The fact that the club has finally managed to get him to go somewhere else, if only for a few weeks, is a hopeful sign. Or perhaps I'm just searching for a bit of light from an organization that signed Alan Hutton.

*I don't actually know this. But both of them have a lot of time on their hands, and there's only so much FIFA 12 you can play, you know?