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Tottenham v Aston Villa Predictions: Defeat, or massacre?

The team readies for their halftime performance of <em>A Chorus Line</em> at White Hart Lane on Monday.
The team readies for their halftime performance of A Chorus Line at White Hart Lane on Monday.

Two weeks ago, Aston Villa played a thrilling match and secured all three points against Norwich City. It was awesome, and I've largely forgotten it. I hate how much the international break kills any momentum built up. And I don't mean by the team. I'm still unconvinced that team momentum is a thing. What I'm referring to is fan momentum. Had the upcoming Tottenham match happened last weekend, I would have been optimistic and eager. Now, I've had time to look at things with a more level head. I'll be honest, it doesn't look good.

But let's see what everyone on the site has to say about Villa's prospects as they attempt to continue the good times at White Hart Lane. Here are our predictions for Monday's match, presented in the order I received them, since some refer to others.

Gareth: I can't imagine any scenario in which we don't get absolutely hammered. We're no good playing away, and you can bet that McLeish will park the bus and strip us of all attacking intent. One battle worth watching: Gareth Bale vs. Alan Hutton. That matchup will almost certainly result in a fatality. 4-0 to Spurs.

Andrew: I'm with Gareth on this one. If this game was at Villa Park I'd give us a shot but in London, forget it. I feel almost as bad going into this one as I did going into the Man City match. This is one of those games where our fullbacks are going to make this very difficult to watch. Shit, that's all the games. If Villa can somehow get the first goal they'll have a chance to come out with at least a point. I expect them to come out with men behind the ball and looking for a chance to counter. So hopefully that works out. My prediction is Spurs 3, Villa 0.

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Aaron: I think Villa will be beaten quite soundly, but I don't think it will necessarily be reflected on the scoreline. For all of their faults, I just don't see this team as likely to give up a gaudy number of goals very often; City did it, sure, but they're a lot better than Spurs and if Villa played City at the Etihad again tomorrow I'd still find that number surprising.

I'm thinking something like 2-0, but it will be a misleading 2-0; Spurs should control the game in most every aspect and I'm with Gareth in thinking Villa will be looking to keep a clean sheet, keeping attacking intent to a minimum. And I'll hedge a bit; I think a blowout would be surprising, but I certainly wouldn't be shocked if that's the way it ends up going.

Kirsten: My prediction is that we will get absolutely hammered, in every sense of the word. And that I will be sad because Bannan will still be being punished and try to distract myself with the adorableness that is Luka Modric.

And if Hutton kills Bale, anyone associated with Villa best go into hiding.

Robert: Like I said, if you'd asked me last week, I'd say VIlla could pull off a 2-2 draw. Now? Reality has set in. I'm going to say we lose 1-2. I think Aaron is right, Villa won't give up too many goals, but things won't look very good. And the Villa goal? That'll come from Alan Hutton, just to piss all of us off.

You, the Commenters: Let us know what you think below! Bonus points for predicting a win.